Be Secured with CCTV Systems!

When it comes to CCTV Camera Systems you’ll need the right partner. We are professional installers and all our installation covers anything to do with CCTV. With remote viewing included in all our installations. With remote viewing, you can log in to your system and view your business and or home from anywhere in the world!

A CCTV system acts as a visible deterrent against theft.

Have your finger on the pulse no matter where you are, and install CCTV cameras that can give you high-resolution detail and accurate imaging at any time of the day.

Pixmar is an established installation company with highly skilled technical experts. We install the worlds nr 1 system HIKVISION, but support and supply many more like Dahua and ProVision. We can help with 8, 16 and 32 channel analog, IP network or hybrid Camera Systems incorporates Real-time day and night recordings.

Giving all that you need to monitor your valuable business assets effectively.

The DVR is a standalone digital video recorder ideal for any business office premises or warehouse. The DVR likewise includes remote access through cellphone or Ipad for remote viewing.

We provide cabling and hardware installation services for all aspects of surveillance systems. If you are in a business environment then Surveillance systems are vital for the protection of property and assets. With internet technological advancements, we see an increasing array of connected devices that can help aid security. These all rely on resilient cabling infrastructure in order to function efficiently and effectively. With our expertise, we are able to recommend to you the latest requirements and solutions that will meet your specific needs.

Our services are:CCTV Systems

  • Sales
  • Installations of new setup as well as extensions to an existing system
  • Maintenance
  • and Repairs

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